Prize bond

We know that many of you might be looking for the details on the prize bond list! So, you are at the right place, and here you will get all information on this lottery ticker system. Most of you must be the die-hard-fan when it comes to investing money on these bonds and the lottery tickets.

People of Pakistan are so much into this bond buying and selling business. It is marked to be the safest investment opportunity. Even if your name does not come in the winning result list, your money will remain safe, and no loss has to be borne by you. You can invest as much in these bonds as you want and then wait for the prize bond result.

How to check the prize bond list?

The process is simple if you want to check out the bond list or check out the prize bond result. Just reach to the concerned section and see whether your bond serial numbers match in any case with the result list.

Exact numbers must be matched; otherwise, you cannot claim the winning amount. If your bond numbers get matched, visit the state bank of Pakistan or the branch of the national savings center and claim your cash amount.

Show your CNIC and the bond ticket and get the winning amount. If the bonds are issued in your name, you have to be there to receive the winning amount, and no other person is authorized to receive the cash.

Guide to check the prize bond schedule

As we have told you, the process of checking the prize bond list and result, in the same way and manner, you can follow the guideline on checking the prize bond schedule. Many people out there get the bonds, but they do not know the result dates. 

Through this prize bond schedule, you will know about the result announcement dates. We have classified the details regarding when bonds with the denomination value of Rs 100, Rs 200, and Rs 750 will be declared.

Make sure that you get hold of this prize bond guru file so that you can check the result on time and no further ambiguities come into your head.

Winning prize amounts as mentioned by the prize bond guru

If you are confused about how much the winning cash prize amount you will get against each denomination, you can check out their details below. There is this general information that for Rs 100 bond, the first prizing winning amount has become Rs 700,000. The second winner will surely get Rs 200,000, and the third winner will confidently be getting Rs 1000. 

If more of the updates will be conveyed from the side of the prize bonds guru, we will let you know. We genuinely believe that saving your money in such bonds and lottery tickets have become a handy idea, and you should try it as well.


You can keep tuned with us, and we will give you constant updates and error-free information on the prize bond list. Some people might have a positive experience when investing their money in bonds. And for some of the people they did not win anything out from these bonds and ended up gaining nothing.

But you should not lose heart. You never know when your name will come in the prize bond guess paperresult list. So, wait for time and keep on pouring your money into these lottery tickets.

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